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Dear parents and children!

You are on the page of Doctor of Music Arts and a professional piano teacher Natalia Bezuglova.

Music is a beauty of the world. It harmonizes our lives making it emotionally and spiritually richer. It soothes the soul and makes the colors of life vivid. How can we imagine our lives without music? Music is everywhere. It accompanies our lives whether rich or poor, in sorrow and in joy… Love for music lives and blooms inside me all my life.

My ultimate desire is to see the happy faces of my students and their parents when they accomplish their goals. I prefer the lessons to be exciting, emotional and highly productive. I incorporate multiple varieties of activities to meet the individual needs and desires of my students, including collaboration with other kids playing different instruments, which is an accompanying experience, group theory lessons and summer camps. Together we prepare for concerts, competitions and theory exams.  I’m happy to work with any age and performing experience as soon as my students are motivated and emotionally involved. Please see my teaching experience page to get to know me better.


I received my first steps in music from a wonderful teacher, ideologist and passionate advocate of classical music. She inspired me not only to be a musician, but also to deliver my knowledge and skills to my students. Although I’d love my students to pursue the professional music education in their future, I don’t set it as a goal. I want my students to know that music can do miracles inside you when you are sincere, open, creative and committed to it. I am looking forward to getting to know you and to launch our musical adventure!

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