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World premiere in Lexington, KY.

Updated: Sep 4, 2019

Working on the brand new quintet.

The international group of musicians, including Samir Kambarov (saxophone), Oleg Bezuglov (violin), Natalia Bezuglova (piano), Felix Borges (cello) and Israel Cuenca (drums) will get to perform the quintet “Unchained” on the

2019 KMTA Commissioned Composer State conference on September 21st in Lexington.

Gyuli Kambarova - a composer that recently received a title of the best composer of Kentucky created a quintet, commissioned to her by Music Teachers National Association. Gyuli's versatility of genres is impressive and includes soundtracks for films, symphonic compositions, choirs, chamber music, instrumental solo pieces and big forms such as concertos and now quintet.

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